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We are looking for a few new vendors in the Jeep and Off-road market Here on Pirate to set up an account with us.

If you are not firmilliar with us, We are a leading manufacturer
of side by side parts and accessories for the Polaris RZR and RZR4,
Kawasaki Teryx, Can am Commander and Polaris Ranger. We make a
pretty wide variety of parts, such as doors, Suspension seats full
cabenclosures, seat belts (5 and 4 point), under armor/uhmw
skid plates and much more. We are going to start manufacturing
a full line of Jeep and offroad parts. Over the next few months. There is no buy in, as of
now. We are doing this to get the ball roling. Setting up the account
will also allow you to purchase side by side produsct as well:smokin:
We are Also going to be releasing a full line of off road suspension seats for the Jeep and Off-road/race market.

If you are interested just give me a call 951-343-9270 ask for Chris extension 115



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Very interested in more info on this and also the Jeep line. What do you have planned? Please tell me you will address and bridge the gap in off road products (mainly body armor) for the XJ Cherokee. Are you looking for established vendors only? I've been thinking for a long time... I'd like to put a little something together.
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