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pro-jection or q-jet?

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I just recently bought a 78 scout with an AMC 401. The guy that owned it before me put a projection on it in the late eighties. I have been told by a few people that I should dump the projection and put a quadra jet on it. It seems like a good idea to me becasue it doesnt feel like a 401 and runs horrible when it is cold. The projection is a silver analog box with two injectors. Should I go with a q-jet or try and tune the projection? Thanks
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From my reading/research on the Holley Pro-Jection, there were 2 different computers. One analog and one digital. The analog one takes some adjusting/tuning, even with the closed loop kit. The digital is supposed to be much more user friendly, and makes full use of the closed loop design for automatic adjustments. If you do have the analog computer Holley has a conversion to the digital one. A good suggestion here id to contact Holley and get the owners manual sent to you. I recently bought a used Pro-Jection kit without instructions, they sent me them in like a week. Just don't tell them what kind of vehicle you are using it on. They seem to only comprehend Chevy/Ford applications, and maybe &eep. The "tech" guy was really confused when I told him I was putting it on a Land Cruiser.
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