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Problem starting a 92' Chevy Pickup....................................

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I was wanting to see if any of you guys could help me out........ I have a 1992 Chevy Pickup with a EFI 350 motor and 5 speed trans. Every now and then it will not crank, I turn the key and it does nothing. The catch is that as soon as I hook jumper cables to it, the truck fires right up. The radio and guages work fine and the lights are bright, so I really dont think it is the battery that is the problem. Here is all the parts I have replaced: Starter and solenoid, 2 batteries, new positive and negative battery cables and neutral safety switch. Does anyone have any idea what else it could be?????? Any comments will be helpful. Thanks
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Possibly the flywheel is missing teeth and not hooking up with starter? Next time it happens give the starter a good whack with a hammer and see if it starts. Since you have replaced the starter already I would assume the teeth on it are fine
well next time it happens I would see if you are getting a signal to the "S" terminal on the solenoid. If you are, and the positive battery cable it still attached to the starter, you need a new starter and solenoid. I think it is just coincidence with the jumper cables.
very common problem with a chev. usually its the battery cables need cleaned take the cables off the battery and pull the bolt out then slide the rubber jacket off the end. Clean the bolt connections and battery terminals with a wire wheel and a grinder re-assemble with di-electric on both sides of the terminal and make sure they are tight, should be good for 2 years or so.

you can kind of test this, next time it won't crank, loosen and tighten the terminals then try again. If it cranks you know that's the problem check the ground on the engine side too.
Lemme guess, you turn the key and nothing happens, all the lights and stuff are there, its as if no voltage is getting to the solonoid to activate the starter? Well, it happens to my suburban sometimes, for no rhyme nor reason, it just happens. You know my soloution? Turn the key to the run position and jump the terminals on the starter solonoid. It fires right up. As a permanent fix well halfassed) since it happens so intermittently I wired up a switch that goes to the starter solonoid so when this happens, just flip the switch and go.
Oneton, sounds like you had a bad key switch. Could have just replaced that.

For the original problem you need to check the voltage at the S terminal of your solenoid when the key is in the start position and it is not firing. If you dont have 12volts there then it is likely your nuetral safety switch or your key switch itself. Just follow the wire back and keep testing it to you find 12volts. Once you find 12volts head back towards the starter replacing what ever is first in line. i.e. you have 12volts on the power in side of the neutral safety switch but not on the out side, then it is the switch.

Also for beating on starters with heavy metal objects. Always make sure there are screws through the field case of the starter first. That is the big metal body of it. The screws hold in wire wound fields which will not be effected by hammer blows. If there are no screws (1/2" dia heads) then it is a permanment magnet starter, hit it with a hammer and you will only make sure it is junk and never going to run again. You will also find that vendors are refusing to give core credit on PMGR starters with hammer marks in them.
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