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Subject : Problems with BLM
[PARA] [PARA]http://www.sltribune.com/02282001/utah/75450.htm[PARA]
[PARA]Problem Cows Gunned Down From the Air [PARA] [PARA] [PARA]Wednesday,
February 28, 2001

Utah rancher under fire for failing to remove his cows from the
drought-stricken Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument hired a
helicopter to shoot them -- apparently to cut his losses. [NL] Monument
conservation officer Gregg Christensen said Quinn Griffin hired a
Minersville helicopter pilot and a rifleman to fly to his grazing allotment
and shoot 27 of his cows from the air last Wednesday morning. [NL] That
was the same day the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) resumed its
helicopter-assisted impoundment of wayward cattle on Fiftymile Mountain,
extremely rugged plateau in the southeastern portion of the monument. [NL]
Griffin "figures it's cheaper for him to shoot the cows than for us to get
them off the mountain," Christensen said. "We'll impound the cows and
whatever it costs to impound them, we'll charge to him. It's costing us
than the cattle are worth to haul them off." [NL] Monument Manager Kate
Cannon said Griffin probably was within his rights to shoot the cattle.
the extent that they are Quinn's cows -- and we don't know whose cows they
are -- but if they are his, they are his to deal with as he sees fit." [NL]
Griffin did not return repeated phone calls from The Salt Lake Tribune.
His cows, along with cattle owned by Kanab rancher Mary Bulloch, have been
the focus of a controversial BLM enforcement action that began in October
after the ranchers missed two deadlines for removing the animals from their
allotments on Fiftymile Mountain. [NL] For several weeks, BLM wranglers
on horseback and in a helicopter drove the cows down from the mountain,
transported them to federal pastures in Sevier County in central Utah. [NL]
Tensions between the ranchers and the government escalated on Election Day,
when an entourage of ranchers led by Bulloch pressured Sevier officials
release the cows to their custody. [NL] At the time, U.S. Attorney for
Utah Paul Warner called the ranchers' actions "lawless" and "vigilante,"
he has chosen not to file criminal or civil charges. [NL] Because of
inclement weather this winter, the BLM has been unable to remove all of
cows from the rugged mountain. The helicopter roundup continued this week.
When the roundup is complete, the BLM intends to bill the ranchers for its
cost in removing the cows, most of which are in poor physical condition
to cold weather and lack of forage. Many cows, primarily those that are
nursing, have died on the mountain, Christensen said. [NL] In addition
facing impoundment costs, the ranchers also have been saddled with thousands
of dollars in cattle trespassing fines. [NL] Moreover, Griffin may be
trouble for leaving the bovine carcasses to rot on the land -- an apparent
violation of state and federal laws, Christensen said. [NL] Though there
is no federal law prohibiting aerial gunning of cows, Cannon said, "This
isn't something I'd like to see become common-place." [NL]
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