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Problems with rears up front... not what I was expecting

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Pics are here

I just finished with my rears up front swap (well, it is sititing on all 4 wheels, still need some small stuff put back together), and the front is sitting about 2" higher than the rear now. Before the frontend was 1-1.5" lower. What happened that I got 3" taller than I was with (worn) 4" lift springs? I was antisipating this to lower the front end more so i can pul the blocks in the rear.

Heres my current setup:
Front: 84 pickup main leaf cut down as an anti wrap leaf, 83 long bed main leaf, 2nd leaf, and 3rd leaf, 84 short bed 2nd leaf cut down, 3rd leaf cut down, 7" shackle, no drop hanger.
Rear: 3 leaf chevy 63" springs, 3" blocks, 6.5" shackle.

Any ideas whats up? And will a stock higth (3.5") shackle work without binding the springs? my intention is to have the rear 1" higher than the front, and have the truck setup to clear 35", no bigger. As of now, I can clear 37" with no rubbing on the firewall.
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Remove the bottom two leafs for awhile and let the springs settle in. Then add them later when you need them. My springs are almost flat at rest, 5 leafs, 2nd and 3rd being mil wraps.
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