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Hello everyone;

My brother just bought a 2001 4Runner LTD. It came with only one remote & He'd like to buy an additional one. He was checking listings on ebay & some come with programming instructions and some do not. Don't totally trust their claims & would feel better if had instructions from another source.

that remote has 3 buttons on the front (lock, unlock & rear window) with a red panic button on the back. The FCC ID # is HYQ1512Y.

Thanks in advance for any all help :)

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1) INSERT the key into the ignition cylinder, and then REMOVE it.
2) PRESS the drivers door lock switch 5 times LOCK/UNLOCK at approx. 1 second intervals.
3) CLOSE the Drivers door then OPEN it.
4) PRESS the drivers door lock switch 5 times LOCK/UNLOCK at approx. 1 second intervals.
5) INSERT the key into the ignition cylinder (Steps 1-5 have to be done within 40 seconds)
6) Turn the ignition switch from LOCK to ON and back to LOCK at approx. 1 second intervals “2” times to enter REWRITE MODE
7) REMOVE the key from the ignition cylinder (The door locks will cycle LOCK-UNLOCK within 3 seconds TWICE to let you know you have selected REWRITE MODE)
8) Within 20 seconds press BOTH the LOCK & UNLOCK buttons simultaneously on the transmitter you wish to program. (Press and release, do not hold the buttons down)
9) Within 3 seconds press and release the LOCK button on the same transmitter. (The door locks will cycle ONCE if the transmitter was recognized and TWICE if it was not-if TWICE start over)
10) Within 40 seconds repeat steps 7 and 8 with any other transmitter you wish to program
11) One of the following will END recognition
*40 seconds elapses
*Drivers door is closed
*Key inserted into the ignition cylinder
*4 transmitters are recognized
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