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Project Creampuff

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I’m starting this thread as kids a means to keep track of my progress. So this is my never ending project I picked up a few years ago. It’s a 97 F250 with a 460 and an E4OD. I’m the third owner and the previous two were grandpas as you can tell by the pictures of when I got it. Last owner towed super heavy with it and I knew this going into it. Unfortunately I was beating on it too much and the passenger head gasket took a dump. I checked out the bearings while I was in there and #2 main was down to the copper.

Build List so far
4” RC lift, 315/75r16 Thunderers and Ion 171 wheels.
460 EFI guys throttle body and smog delete.
Cab lights, sun visor and Cobra scoop.
De catted single exhaust to a super 10 and 4" tip.
JVC media reciever and infinity components.
Noisy gear drive

In the works
460 refresh: KB increased compression height pistons, summit k3500 cam, 0 decked block and some mild port work.
True dual: 3” stainless pipe, neighbor hater mufflers and mad dog fender exit headers.
T18 conversion
Hope you guys like as I’m super stoked about having this project to share with my kids and y’all.
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Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Automotive side marker light Car

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Car Vehicle
Ditched the grandpa steps and put canopy back on
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Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting
Current exhaust setup no cat, super 10, 4” slash cut tip
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Bicycle part Gas Crankset Auto part Gear

New gear drive and timing cover as well as water pump and etc
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Bicycle part Metal Symmetry Glass Automotive exterior

Wood Interior design Flooring Rectangle Floor

new exhaust setup. Mad dog fender exits, 3” neighbor haters and dual tips.
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Crankset Bicycle part Bicycle chain Tool Wrist

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Hand Hand tool Wood Finger Gesture

A little engine carnage for ya
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