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Starting a new project hopefully tomorrow if all goes well.

Trading our old family car for a friends Durango. Not sure on all the specs or year other than its got the 4.7l and its 4x4. I only looked at it briefly before having to have to discuss the idea with the mrs.

Plans are pretty straight forward. I have been collecting a few parts for a sas conversion but have more to find.

Front axle will be a 1979 hp dana 44. (5 on 5.5) I am going to use the radius arm setup that is cast on the axle.
I'm not to familiar with the rear axles that are*in the Durango, going to assume it is a 9 1/4? I am also going to assume its a mid duty c clip axle. So will most likely swap it out for a Ford 9".

I also pulled a divorce mounted 205 pass. drop a while back, but am unsure if I will use that case or not right now.

Plans will call for the usual assortment of sliders, bumpers, armor and a cage (interior)

I will get a better game plan tomorrow night when its supposed to be here.
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