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Project Flat F***er (Fender)

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After my last trip to Fordyce I was pissed about nearly rolling back into the river coming out of Committee. If that tree hadn’t broken my flatty’s backward tumble, and subsequently dented the corner of the tub, I might have been in deep shit.

I had one more semester of partying like a rockstar left, so in between whiskey cokes, Keystone Light, floating the river, riots and the occasional class; I plotted how I was going to make my GPW into exactly what I wanted.

After much Jeep and Gen4x4 pages regarding frame design, and conning a few mechanical engineers I know into running my design through solid works, I had a working idea. I would have had a job, but the damned economy went into the shitter. While looking for a job, I decided to build my 1945 GPW and fix a few things that had bugged the shit out of me for a few years.

This is what I started with, note the stock Samurai for comparison:

The Jeep Stuck on WH1:

Frame flex demonstrated going down WH 3:

I was done with this so I decided to rip this fawker apart.

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Now for the cutting:

Boxing every bend in the frame. It adds significant amounts of strength vs. weight as it keeps the tube from crushing under a bending load:

Frame coming together:

Frame Bend gusseted on top and bottom with .250 plate:

Motor Mount:

Steering box mount:

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Rear shackle mount to clear the tub:

Tubular cross member to reduce frame twist:

Transmission crossmember:

Transmission crossmember mount, sleeved through the frame and gussetted:

Engine, trans and axles installed:

Added gussets to the top of the motor mounts:

Time for Sliders, out of .250 wall 2x4" tubing using 2x2 .250 wall tubes for frame mounts:

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Now for the part that makes any GPW restorer cringe: cutting the old body in half.

I marked where I would make my incision

The floor was already hacked to shit so cutting it out wasn't too big of a deal

Time for cutting:

It's sliced in half!

Utilizing the tractor to stick on its new frame:

The Jeep is now a bit longer. Now to size it up for body mounts, and possibly a floor.

Me looking at the work ahead of me:

Time to start with a clean slate on the floor. Out with the old sheet metal!

...And in with the new

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:grinpimp: Nice work on the frame and stretch.
Sliders mounted:

Starting the body stretch, 8" in the doors, and 18" behind the door opening.

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Time to paint the frame now that the body is one piece again:

Quite possibly the most annoying point in the project. I missed the mid January heat wave for my body work. Bondo doesn't work well in 40 degree weather.

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Damn this is going to be a sweet build. I love the old flatties, but they are TINY.
I then put a whole can of glazing puddy on the body to make everything smooth. I'm still questioning why I put so much effort into the body work on this fawker.


After moving the seat to a location where someone other than an Oompa Loompa could drive my Jeep, I discovered my wheel was too far from my seat. Damn.

I figured I should put more racecar parts on this, so it was time to modify this:

Added another hoop to the cage:

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Seat belts mounted to the cage:

Time to build a legitimate tunnel cover (out of metal this time):

Now that I had everything fit in it, time to tear it all back apart

Now it was time to bedliner the interior

I then built a spare tire carrier that can support the vehicle's weight. I was tired of worriying about someone bumping me and smashing the tub. This is bolted through the bumper which is sleeved, and then bolted to the back of the cage for added strength. All is .250" wall.

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Now that I had all the other stuff completed, it was time to mount my 8274 I got from Fyrdude on the on the PBB.

I got a winch plate that almost fit my GPW perfectly. I sleeved holes through the front bumper and crossmember and used 1/2 x 7" grade 8 bolts for the front 2 bolts, then added 2 mounts for the rear bolts which were 1/2" grade 8. I also tapped the side parts of the frame and put in 2 grade 8 7/16" bolts per side. I'm pretty sure it's not going anywhere.

I tied the cage into the frame in 3 spots as well:

I finished re-routing all the associated plumbing and electrical, but most of that was covered in this thread:


The GPW completed:

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I decided to take the GPW out for a test run at Hollister Hills. Nothing too extreme. I didn't get many action shots because it was only myself and Max (Diablo169) there and it's hard to drive and take pictures.

The only thing I have left to do are put the stereo back in it, and move the axle to the second centering pin hole as it rubs a tiny bit on full compression. That's an easy and free fix, but I have not felt motivated to do it just yet.
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Turned out nice really love the old flatties. Nice work!:garfield:
sweet build! What kind of time frame did it take you to do all of that?
Jan 1, 2009 to March 12th, 2009
Im digging it
Just curious as to why you didn't open up the rear wheel well to make it look a little more proportional to the body?
what is the new wheelbase it looks long?
Just curious as to why you didn't open up the rear wheel well to make it look a little more proportional to the body?
The rear wheel well is actually cut 1" in the front and 2" in the rear of the fenderwell. Your observation means I must be better at body work than I thought I was. I spent a lot of time smoothing a lot of that out with Bondo and sanding. A 37" tire will fit in there without rubbing, I just have to get my axle placement correct since the springs settled a little bit.

what is the new wheelbase it looks long?
106" now but it will be 107" at week's end.
What size tire? Looks good btw!
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