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Project Jeep. Complete. $5 bucks. Merry Xmas...

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Ok, so I'm kidding. :rolleyes: How about instead of 5 bucks, you just come pick it up for FREE. That's right. FREE. Complete (I think). Just needs new batteries, new paint job and someone to put er back together...

Belonged to grandkids but they didn't use it. Stepson took it apart to paint it but the lameass never got around to finishing it. :( Wife brought it home for me to fix but I don't have time to fool with it. Anybody want it before I toss it. Would be cool to get it running and then take a sawsall to it and make it look 'better'... :D:D
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hey what axel does it have? must be d-44 and a d-60 of course. must crwl like a beast
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