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Usually, I just post the updates in the...uh... Jeep forum :flipoff2: but I thought I'd share with you all. Since I hardly go to that section of the PBB anymore, and spend most of my time in here.

Anyway, here it is. I have a BUTTLOAD of stuff to do still, but it's ALMOST a rolling chassis. As soon as I get some of my parts for my 60 that I'm missing.

Quick specs.

CJ6 frame
Bobbed CJ8 tub
CJ5 doghouse
AMC 304 (I've got the 360 waiting to be rebuilt)
NP203/205 combo (gotta order that doubler)
14 bolt
RC Dana 60
42's on HumV rims.

Enjoy. (Sorry the pics kind of suck, small garage, can't get a good angle on it. Hopefully when I roll it in the driveway I'll get some better shots)

edit: Yea, I know the door is fawked. Don't have the bottom hinge, and it's just sitting on the upper...loosely :flipoff2:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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