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Promoting in 2009

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I wasn't sure if this should be posted here or emailed or what, so let me start by posting it here.

I just had a meeting with 4WD about better ways to promote the team and the sport next year. I want to list some possible ideas here and get some feedback from you guys.

  • video clips
  • catalog event following
  • ORA tv
  • ora.com
  • JeepsUnlimited.com
  • Team311 merchandise
  • Team 311 calendar
  • Team 311 posters
  • Toy model rc jeeps
  • Blogs
  • Myspace page
  • Facebook page
  • youtube videos
  • NORA
  • Setting up booth at events and shows
  • Fact sheet cards

In addition to this, my team311.com website is going to be getting a face lift and adding the merchandise, blogs, stats etc.

Basically, I want to really push my team and the sport and I want to get started on this early because I know Sept/Oct is when most companies do their budgets.

Does anyone have any more suggestions or tips for my above list? Thoughts, ideas??
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Kelly, that looks like a good start.

We have been working on getting our schedule nailed down, waiting on corr actually.

We are looking into organizing a team marketing, sponsorship and advertizing training class. With classes being taught by industry experts. Then after that, holding a sponsor and competitor introduction fair (like a job fair).

That sounds awesome. I wanted to post this for you guys to check out because I'd like to use the WeRock logo on the posters and such. If I show you what we do before we print them to get your ok, would that work?
Yes, we want teams and sponsors to use the W.E.ROCK logo and help get the name out, but we do want to make sure that the way it is being used is aligning wiht our goals and plans....
Definitely. I'll post up or email you guys when we get work done.
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