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Yes I could search until my eyes bleed or just post this...

Have been running a Got Propane Kit for many years on an AMC 360. It the M&M X-1 Vaporizer/Regulator was running great all day off road - near the end of the day it just cuts out on a ledge.. won't start, it fires but conks out after running for a second or two like no fuel.. sounds like the bottle is empty but I know its not , I switch tanks, turn tank valves on/off, reseat supply hose to tanks. Nothing fires runs for two seconds and then dies. I have someone hold down primer while trying to start same thing runs for a second or two and dies.

I get my self dragged up to a flat spot and it fires, starts and drives for about 20' dies again. won't start again after repeated attempts .. then of course it fires up enough to drive on the trailer. Next day it fires right up and runs great, I run it hard, slow no issues all day... it did the no start thing one more time to me briefly and then fired right up. I can't get it to not start now?

Any thoughts on this?
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