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ProRock 80 questions.

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I went to investigate the soft parking brake on my PR80 today and I have a number of questions.

First, I was greeted by what is presumed gear oil induced shmu in the ebrake assembly. I am guessing this could be a bad axle seal but... Any ideas.

The parking brake only goes to the drivers side hub, is that normal?

I tried to adjust the brake shoes out a bit but with all the oil I imagine it will soften up again and again. With that said, I was unable to adjust the shoes enough to firm up the parking brake handle. I have the adjustment such that I can barely get the rotor back on and the parking brake handle still doesn't have any stopping power until the extremes of its reach..

Ok, lastly does anyone know of any resources for torque specs on a PR80? I'm trying to find the torque specs for the brake caliper mounting bracket bolts (22mm). Dynatrac has not gotten back to me.

Oh, and bonus. Check out the brake rotor... Looks like they drilled out the oem? Is that how Dynatrac shipped this thing back in 2015!?

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Yeah rotor, drilled .likely came that way. Unless another owner made is own.
My 60 is same, drilled out rotors surprised me.

I would think there should be a cable per side. The 60 is a normal setup like you'd see on any other rearend. Have you checked the other side? Is there a Lever, and is there an equalizer at main cable from handle?

What vehicle are they on?

On the bolts, I believe they're same as a Ram 2500/3500. They match my 2010 power wagon.

Those state 275ft/lbs on front bolts,
163ft/lbs on rear upper, and 190ft/lbs on rear lower... crazy numbers to me, I usually just give a good few ugga duggas on high setting on 1/2" impact

should be wrenching or wheeling but here I be
If the diff is welded or spooled it's possible the cable runs only to one side. Actuator may be there as stated above.
Have you tried tightening the cable itself? Take the slack out of it at the pedal/handle and at the mid point junction? (Assuming it's not a one piece long, long cable.)
Could you have torn off the other side's cable (I do that pretty often)
It’s under a 2014 Jk and I’m guessing the rest of the cable adjustment is in the cab under the console from what I can tell.

Looks like I’ve got a lever on the passenger side but the cable is tucked above the fuel tank so it being ripped off is probably a good guess.

I have the PR60/80 combo and can’t find any brake parts on the Dynatrac website. Any resources on how to do a brake job on these things? Rotor and pad part numbers ect?
Likely Chevy 3/4 ton rotor and calipers. I/d start by checking your P/N's against those..
Internal e- brake.... So I'd check around the 2000 year mark and newer. May be a bit of a hunt...
I called Dynatrac,

On the PR80: rotors, calipers, and parking brake shoes are from the Jeep military model J8, never sold in the States. May as well be proprietary because you can’t buy-em anywhere else.

The brake pads are out of a 2015 Ram half ton, rear.

There customer service is about 5 times better when they spec out a $20k set of axles for you than when they are talking about parts for maintenance. None of those part numbers they publish by the way.

They are the Apple of axle companies. And that might be good and bad, but I look at the UD60 service sheets Spicer provides customers with every single part number that goes into the axle and I can’t help but feel like the dude at the prom with no date.

Dynatracs response, “send us an individual email with the exact part you need and we will try to help you out…”

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Mines under a 13 JKU and previous work was done wrong, I'm fixing it. One problem was just like you. Passenger side issues. They didn't reroute cables and that side although still attached was tight as a guitar string. It had ripped off the fuel tank fittings where filler and vent lines are.

Also if one side isn't hooked up all the slack will pull that side. So until you get the other side hooked up you won't have enough throw to tighten the hooked up side.

should be wrenching or wheeling but here I be
If you cannot find replacement parts, In Long Beach CA there is a [place called "Friction Materiels". They should be able to re-line your parts, at least the parking brake shoes. (562) 436-4224 Talk to Bill. There may be a brake company near you that can perform the same service.
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