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Just need to give some props to the guys at PSC Motorsports with their RAM assist steering support with my JK modification.

First of all I'm the type of person who asks LOTS of questions before pulling the trigger on a fairly pricey modification. Kelvin of PSC's Tech Support Dept. took the time to answer EVERY one of my emails and he did it in a quick fashion.

I started out just trying to make things work by tapping my JK's gearbox and running a RAM assist with the stock JK pump. It worked okay until the engine warmed up and the idle dropped from 1,100 RPM's the 600 RPM's. Once the engine warmed up the stock pump could not put out enough fluid to assist the RAM.

I admitted to myself that the only way to take care of this and get any benefits from the RAM I would need to change the fluid volume. I decided to go with PSC because of all of the help I'd had in the past from Kelvin, I even tapped the competitors but in the end Kelvin had always come through with my emails and telephone calls.

Bit the bullet and ordered the pump and reservoir and went to work. The pump that came with the kit would not work for me because of the angle the pump inlet was pressed into the housing and the interference with my RIPP Supercharger. The hose would need to go right where the Supercharger's pulley was. I called Kelvin and had a new one in my hands by 10AM the next morning and was able to complete the job. No questions about the return of the first pump and it is on it's way back to PSC now. (Now the pump can be ordered with adjustable fittings so angle's should not be an issue)

It all works great now, I can literally steer it with one finger all day long.

I wouldn't hesitate using PSC's products, works great, you'll get great assistance and be able to get your steering where it was before the 37's and lockers.
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