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Putting a short bed on a long bed frame

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I am beginning building up my '78 stepside truck. I am getting ready to tear down to the frame, swap the axles and engine, and build it back up. I am looking at buying a 3/4 ton donor truck to do this and got to thinking about swapping bodies instead of running gear. What it be worth it to shorten the frame and use it instead of my 1/2 ton frame?
If I did this, I imagine I would have to build new mounts for the bed, but am not sure.
Would there be value in doing it this way, or would it just be a major headache? I know I would end up with a stronger frame, but are there other benefits as well?
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I would think it would be worth it id the 3/4 ton had the heavy chassis such as was available in the camper special or heavy duty package. I think theyre 8 inch channel and 5/16 or 3/8 thick. they are the best if your gonna really beef your rig. If you do shorten it, the two bolt holes behind the cab for box bolts are in the same spot whether its a shortbox or longbox, so leave them to locate the box so you can drill the rest of the holes accuratley.
cj7jeep81 said:
Thanks for all the replies. I think I will just keep my 1/2 ton shortbed frame. Are there any benefits to using a 3/4 ton frame?
If you do get the 3/4 ton HD frame it will be less resistant to turning into a pretzel when you stick heavy axles and big meats on that beast and flex it out often.
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