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Putting a short bed on a long bed frame

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I am beginning building up my '78 stepside truck. I am getting ready to tear down to the frame, swap the axles and engine, and build it back up. I am looking at buying a 3/4 ton donor truck to do this and got to thinking about swapping bodies instead of running gear. What it be worth it to shorten the frame and use it instead of my 1/2 ton frame?
If I did this, I imagine I would have to build new mounts for the bed, but am not sure.
Would there be value in doing it this way, or would it just be a major headache? I know I would end up with a stronger frame, but are there other benefits as well?
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I have seen them shortened two ways. Either move your rear susp. hangers fwd and cut off the remaining part off the tail end. Or, cut the appropriate ammt from in front of the hangers and fish plate the pcs together. The truck done w/the fish plate has held up well. It has pulled fully loaded grain wagons on several occasions, and it is still in 1 piece.:D
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