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Q78 Swampers your thoughts

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So for a skinny tyre are Q78's a good choise?
From what I remember they are 35/11/15
Not many mini trucks run the the TSL/SX in Australia, most think that the extra side lugs do not flex as well as the TSL on a light truck. Your thoughts?
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Q78 is a great size. Very effective in thick mud. You're about right, 35x11.

The problem with the SX's on a light vehicle is that they are a bias-belted tire. That means they have the heavy construction of a bias ply tire (with bias plies, of course) but they also have radial belts to try and achieve some of the on road performance of a radial. This extra construction makes for a heavy duty tire that has to run lower pressures to flex well under a light vehicle like a Toyota or Landy.

They are also a lot heavier weight wise. Size for size they are like 12% heavier than their regular TSL counterparts.

Strong sidewalls though, which can be helpful out in the bush I guess.

Mean lookin tire. Looks very much like a directional version of the TSL with the Bogger sidewall tread.
Wonder if Denman makes those for Simex, or do they have their own mfg. facilities?

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