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Q78 Swampers your thoughts

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So for a skinny tyre are Q78's a good choise?
From what I remember they are 35/11/15
Not many mini trucks run the the TSL/SX in Australia, most think that the extra side lugs do not flex as well as the TSL on a light truck. Your thoughts?
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Side wall strength is important. The problem is within a 3 hours drive from Sydney we encounter everything from soft sandstone, sharp shale, hard granite, soft mud pits to heavy clay bogs. And most people drive to their favourite wheeling spot.

I know there is no such thing as a perfect tyre, but from what I have seen either the Q78 or Simex Centipede would be a good choise for my mini truck.Simex Centipede
In Oz both the Q78 and Simex Centerpides cost around A$420, not a cheap tyre considering a BFG 35/12.5 MT cost A$270.

Now who told me wheeling was cheap?

The Australian Simex site is currently down thus I pointed to the UK site.

I just needed info on the Q78 as the Interco website does not tell me much.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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