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I just bought a 95 F-150 ext cab, 4x4, with the 351 fuel injected gas hogging engine! I have the dual tank set up. My rear most tank works fine, however my front tank does not. the switch on the dash works between the two tanks, as I can see the first tank is full of Gas and the sewcond has 1/2 a tank. but when I run the engine and switch from the first tank to the rear the engine dies out and when I switch back it will idle just fine. According to the Haynes Manual it is the Dual function resivior that is bad, I bought a new one and for the life of me cannot find out where it is located (on the left side frame rail) I have looked, and looked, and looked........... AND can not find this thing! please help if you can!... I am a compatent mechanic and can fix most things I feel like taking this to Ford but would rather save some of my $$$ !!! L.R.
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