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This ain't a space ship-errr maybe that isn't the best example.

I am assuming you mean on both sides of the same tube, as in NOT the opposite spreader for instance. most people build equal ones for looks so people don't laugh at you.

assymetrical design is fine if you make both gussets strong enough.

if you are building stuff I can only assume you have the knowledge to decide for yourself if the gussets are strong enough,

without a pic though maybe if you are unsure ask somone you trust in person to give you advise..

I wouldn't worry about it I made sure the "weakest" side in question is strong enough then the other one should be, in terms or large/small gussets.

the only other thing to consider is if the gusset will try to bend the tube on impact in the direction that the shorter or longer gusset will give it leverage to bend it more, like a "kink" spot.

if that makes any sence:D
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