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Questions about welding the rear

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I am currently in the middle of a spring over on my 72 FJ40 and have my front and rear axles apart. I have a EZ-locker or a Lock-Rite in the rear and open in the front. I am thinking about welding my rear and putting the locker up front. My cruiser is a daily driver when it is running. My first question is, how different is a welder rear and a full detriot locker. I have driven vehicles with detroits so I am interested in the difference between the to. Also can I just swap the front and rear thirds. I know the rear has c-clips and the front does not. Can they just be swapped. any help would be great.
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Hot topic, read this thread for info....


Also, I had the same situation and I went ahead and put the lockwrong up front (and longfields) and welded the rear. Only real PIA is in tight turns respective to tire wear and surmounting obstacles (BIRFIELDS!!) with harsh turn angle demands. From what I read and heard, its a deal where if you can't/won't buy airlockers or selectable lockers and its a trail rig mostly, weld it. :p
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