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Questions about welding the rear

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I am currently in the middle of a spring over on my 72 FJ40 and have my front and rear axles apart. I have a EZ-locker or a Lock-Rite in the rear and open in the front. I am thinking about welding my rear and putting the locker up front. My cruiser is a daily driver when it is running. My first question is, how different is a welder rear and a full detriot locker. I have driven vehicles with detroits so I am interested in the difference between the to. Also can I just swap the front and rear thirds. I know the rear has c-clips and the front does not. Can they just be swapped. any help would be great.
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Weld it and never look back. I've had mine welded for over a year and have never wished it wasen't. When you get on or off the gas with a detriot/LocRight it will steer you into other lanes while the welded rear never does.

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