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QUICK!!!! tj front d30 and xj front d30 hub asembily same?

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front hub asembily went on my buddys tj last night and its needs to be fixed fast, would the asambily off a xj fix, i know they have different part numbers by calling the dealer but whats the diff??? just the stub shaft splins???? if thats the case we can use a xj stub right???
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Watch out for some of the non-TJ hubs. They have a larger OD and the TJ rotors will not fit over them. Now I've used XJ hubs with no problems. But, I've seen people have problems with spares they've gotten from junk yards. They may have been from ZJ's or something, but they are at least 2 different types.
You MUST match rotor to hub, that is all.

I run '98 TJ hubs and rotors on an 84 XJ knuckle with '84 calipers no probs.

TJs have 3 different hub offsets in themselves I can't help with how many variations XJs have had since inception. But TJ != TJ all the time but the rotor hat dept makes it all good again.

As was mentioned WJ hubs are a 5 on 5" lug pattern and will not work for just about every other reason as well.
I'm just glad I finally got a D44 under my TJ, so no more damn unit hubs for me :)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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