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QUICK!!!! tj front d30 and xj front d30 hub asembily same?

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front hub asembily went on my buddys tj last night and its needs to be fixed fast, would the asambily off a xj fix, i know they have different part numbers by calling the dealer but whats the diff??? just the stub shaft splins???? if thats the case we can use a xj stub right???
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You MUST match rotor to hub, that is all.

I run '98 TJ hubs and rotors on an 84 XJ knuckle with '84 calipers no probs.

TJs have 3 different hub offsets in themselves I can't help with how many variations XJs have had since inception. But TJ != TJ all the time but the rotor hat dept makes it all good again.

As was mentioned WJ hubs are a 5 on 5" lug pattern and will not work for just about every other reason as well.
eurobob said:
IIRC, the only thing that's not campatible is the gears.
Prolly 95% true, but depending on the year even those are swappable. Only the earlier XJs got HP30s the newer ones get the same D30s TJs do and they are 100% swap happy.

Either way carriers are still interchangeable assuming they are on the same side of the break.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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