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This really isn't tech either, but I had to say this.

My '89 RR radiator sprung a leak and with the 2 oil coolers and being a 3 core (I think) it isn't cheap. Atlantic British=$680

I went to radiator.com and they had it listed with unconditional lifetime warrantee for $199. Must be some mistake, so I order it online, then call.

They tell me it's a mistake, that it costs $725 for the H.D. one they carry for my application.

I throw a hail mary and insist they honor their advertised price and the customer service manager actually does.

They're selling me their $725 radiator for $199 because they made a mistake and thats pretty damn professional.

So if you need one for another car/truck they're actually pretty competitiveand carry "Be Cools" and based on my experience, they'll take care of you and your warrantee down the road.

They have since corrected the pricing error.

Thats all I have to say.

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I love shopping on the net! I scored on my ARB that way. I have found many deals using Google and searching with the part # only.

It's in Beta but works well:
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