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3/27/2011 - Citizen's Bank Caesar Rodney Half Marathon - Wilmington, DE

The weather had me worried as the forecast was calling for a mix of snow & rain and 30* at race time. By 9:30, the sun was out and the temps were perfect, so with that situation averted...

Tagtime: 1:56:52, Guntime: 1:57:21
Average pace 8:56 mile
Halfway split: 55:39 (8:30 pace first 1/2, 9:21 pace 2nd 1/2)
714th out of 1316 finishers
492nd out of 780 males
82nd out of 114 in my age group (35-39)

The whole event went much better than planned. I've been training at a 10 m/m pace with a goal of finishing by 2:10. And ultimately I wanted a sub 2 hour finish. Not only did I meet those goals, but I exceeded them with a minute faster overall pace and beating my finish time by 3 minutes. I couldn't have been happier.

And for those curious as to why my split times increases so much the 2nd half of the race, it was due to the hills. From mile 6 up through mile 9 was a continuous climb (3 & 4%). I have nothing like that to train on back in the flats of Dover.


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