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Updated: Random XJ shit for sale in nor-cal

All from a 91 XJ 4.0

-Rear sway bar, includes links and mounts. great if you want to put a rear sway bar on your XJ with upcountry package: $10+ shipping

-auxilary electric fan: I think the relay went out and thats why it was broken. Replaced it anyway. I'll check n make sure it works on my buddy's XJ tomorrow: $20 plus shipping

-Stock front coils non-upcountry package -$ MAKE AN OFFER

-flex a lite 110 series fan: i think it has a bad bearing. vibrates like mad. took it out cause I didn't trust it next to my radiator. Selling AS-IS so if you buy it, dont tell me it doesn't work. I like Jaeger! :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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