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Edit: Pennsylvania

Just coming off our last group ride on 1/18 at Rausch Creek in Pennsylvania it's time to announce our next ride.

We have two groups going. One will be doing green and blue rated trails which is perfect for stock to mildly modified vehicles and skill levels. First timers encouraged. Front and rear tow hooks (or other recovery points, e.g. D rings/tow hitch) required.

Our second group will be running harder trails with a black and red rating. Most of the people going in this group trailer their rigs so weather dependent.

I'm interested in going now what?

All of our organization is done through our group chat.

To join the group chat download the app GroupMe for your phone then go here https://groupme.com/join_group/45971334/sdUGRU

(Android, iPhone, and web browser chat available)

What offroad park are you going to?

We currently have a poll up in the groupchat taking votes for Rausch Creek, Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, and Famous Reading Outdoors. Once the poll closes this post will be updated to reflect the winner.

If you have any other questions ask away.

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Is anyone riding Sunday 2/16/20?

Hey Lux, I sent you a PM. Need a little help. I removed groupme on my phone, thinking I could still view on PC, but doing so bumped me from groupme completely. Groupme support said the URL is invalid once you remove yourself.
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