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this will probably make the hard core precision reloaders cringe but i picked up a rcbs chargemaster yesterday. i don't enjoy hand loading like some people do. to me it is not a hobby but a necessity. it was taking me a couple hours to weigh powder for 50 rounds accurate to within a tenth of a grain on a beam scale. my eyes were getting sore from looking at the line on the beam scale and it was just boring the hell out of me. i decided to modernize the process a bit.

i heard quite a few good reviews on the chargemaster. i also read about a slight issue it has with stick powders (like the rl22 i am using). when it trickles to finalize the load sometimes a couple granules fall out of the tube instead of just one. i gave it a try today and it is damn cool. i did have to toss a few loads back into the hopper because it trickled .1 grain over what i was after. it still sped up my powder measuring process to a little over half hour. since it is new and i was not 100% confident in it yet, i double checked about every tenth charge on my beam scale and it was dead nuts on.

it is a bit frustrating having to throw a few charges back into the hopper because it trickled a tenth over but it still saved me a ton of time and headache. i hear ball powder does not have this problem and that makes sense. if you are content with it being within a tenth of a grain, this would work great for you no matter what powder you are using. i may actually be looking forward to working up my new load in a couple weeks. so far i give it a big thumbs up.


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