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All in Columbus, OH

RE Front and rear lower fixed control arms $225 most joints and bushing are brand new, others are still in excellent condition

RE Rear Upper adjustable control arms $150 new joints and bushings, two RE spare bushing and one joint rebuild included

RE front adjustable trac bar $100

RE rear adjustable trac bar $100

5-Basset "Extreme bead" wheels 15"X8" 5 on 4.5 custom 3" BS black steel rims very good condition $225 (the beads on these wheels are meant for dirt track racers they hold a bead really well, read about them at www.elias4wdcenter.com

4-36"X13.5"X15" Bias Ply Iroks less than 4000 miles, excellent tread left 85% one tire hads a little cut in it, no problems, just want to put that out there.$650

1-35"X12.5"X15" Super swamper SSR spare, has some tread and some grooving, $40

TJ D30 housing with carrier for 4.88's, I beleive the shafts and locker are sold, so it's an empty housing with brackets, kuckles, brakes, unit bearings. $200 obo has yukon master rebuild kit as of march, and 4.88's but their missing several teeth. on both, carrier is still good.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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