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The intent of this forum is to have a place to go for modified unibody questions that are of hardcore level without having to search threw all the TJ, YJ, CJ tech type questions. Advanced technical forum, the HARDCORE SECTION for unibody rigs.

Posts that do not follow these rules will be removed:
1.This is the extreme Cherokee forum, other Cherokee topics belong in the Non-hardcore Jeep forum.
2.If you want to advertise your product you need to be a supporting vendor with a yellow star.
3.No group buys or classifieds in this section.
4.No nudity, go to the trailer park section of chit chat.
5.No discussions of illegal activity (like vin plate swapping)
6.Do not spam and cross post to multiple forums
7.The N-word:mr-t: is not permitted
8.No personal threats (put downs and creative hate filled name calling is permitted)
9. On Tuesday's rule #1 violations get added to the DFT thread.

If you posted here but should have posted in the Non-hardcore Jeep section, please delete your post and post in the correct forum.

What belongs in this forum?


Here are some examples: major modifications and up-grades not normally purchased as a kit, but that require individual ingenuity, innovation, and perseverance in design. Unibody reinforcement, larger axle swaps, fitting big tires, JeepSpeed builds, fabbing 3 and 4 link suspensions, custom fabricated parts, non factory option drivetrain swaps and other advanced/fabrication type questions.

The common theme here is fabrication, advanced technical information and questions.

Pirate 4x4 Vendors can advertise their Cherokee specific products here even if it is a bolt-on type product.

What doesn't belong in this forum?

Anything that is Cherokee specific but not Harcore-tech. What Cherokee to buy, what size tire fits with a 3" lift, bolt ons, drivability issues, OEM parts identification, OEM parts swapping, troubleshooting stock electrical issues, or questions about budget boost kits, roof racks, No Forsale posts, fender trimming, and countless other things...

There is a Non-hardcore Jeep forum(flame free) in place here on this site and are many other sites with forums that are already available for stock, entry level and bolt on type questions.

Non Pirate4x4 hosted Cherokee related trail runs and events do not belong here, they are not tech. It is ok to post them in the Cherokee section but they will be moved with a re-direct to the correct regional forum or Competition and Events forum.

Think of this as a college level forum, so don't post kindergarten level and grade school topics here. Kindergarden and grade school questions belong in the Non-hardcore Jeep forum or on a different site.

This forum is for the guys that think outside of the box, get their suntans at night from welding, put their blood and sweat into their builds, aren't afraid of the sawzall, and enjoy building parts instead of buying them.

5,599 Posts
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No Chit Chat in the Pics Post threads, Pictures only (Moderated)
Bad ass Cherokee...........Pics Post
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Basic Engine Trouble shooting Tech
Cherokee XJ production Specs, what years had what options

Cherokee TOTM TECH: Index
No Chit Chat in the Topic Of The Month threads, tech related posts only (Moderated)
Intent was to add a new topic each month but keep them as living threads bumping them to the top often.

Unibody Mods
TOTM: Underside Protection
TOTW: Beefing the XJ Unibody
TOTM: Winch Bumpers and Suckdowns
TOTM: Unibody cage tie-ins
TOTM: Cut front fenders
TOTM: Comp Cut Rear Fenders
TOTM: Unibody Boatsides and Sliders
TOTM: Unibody dove tails and dove noses
TOTM: Unibody gas tank relocation
TOTM: Unibody Chop Tops
TOTM: Seats and Harnesses
XJ home made bumpers pics thread

Suspension Mods
TOTM: Shocks and Shock Mounts
TOTM: Bump Stops
TOTM: Front 3-link Suspensions
TOTM: Radius Arm Suspensions
TOTM: Unibody front leaf spring conversions
TOTM: Leaf Springs
TOTM: Rear Coil Suspension Conversions
TOTM: Rear Triangulated 4-link suspension
TOTM: Traction bars
TOTM: Low COG and extreme clearancing
TOTM: Axle Truss

Drive-train Mods
TOTM: AW4 electronic shift mods
TOTM: MJ/XJ/ZJ T-case Doublers
TOTM: D300 swap Tips and Tricks
TOTM: Exhaust
TOTM: Engine Cooling
TOTM: Rear Mounted Radiator
TOTM: Oil Cooling
TOTM: V8 Engine swaps
TOTM: On Board Air OBA
TOTM: Driveshafts
Billa Vista's D30 Dana 44 outers hybrid
THE XJ/MJ/ZJ/WJ master cylinder brake upgrade thread.
How to setup gears.

Steering Mods
TOTM: Steering Tierod/draglink setups
TOTM: Steering Box upgrades
TOTM: Hydro Assist Steering
TOTM: Full Hydraulic Steering
TOTM: Panhard Bars (trackbar)

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