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Truck came with a D60 rear, open diff 30 spline. Bought a pair of axles, was supposed to be a front 60 - it's a 61, and the 70 is really a 70-3 HD(-U ?) "aerodynamic cab" with the 31/32 pinion offset. :rolleyes: On the 61, I'm stuck at 4.10 unless I go to a ring gear spacer, which I'd rather not do since it leaves no pilot engagement and doubles the interface area. My rear 60 currently has 4.10's. The 70 has a Power-Loc, but only option for gears with that carrier in this housing is 4.56 - only option for new carrier is Detroit 225SL58E with a greater offset; this uses any standard 4.56-down D70 gears. Conveniently, the 35 spline shafts out of the 70 are exactly the same length as the 30 spliners in the 60; however I would need to ream the spindles.
Oddball D70 detroit - $527
Oddball D70 4.56 gears -
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