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feel free to throw this in the newbie section if im worng about being here, here goes...

im putting a D44 out of an XJ into my girlfriends TJ(currently has the 35) and i was wondering if anyone has already done and documented all the guess work on where the mounts all go...

i still have my jeep and hers that i can measure and duplicate, i've search on here of it, and now im just gonna ask.

the axle is bare now, i have all the brackets, and some measurements, just looking for a little advice (if i should just copy stock) or what

3"BDS lift, stock arms, go easy on :mad3: ing me and this question. if nobody has the info to post, then dont bother me with your crap

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Axle Bracket locations

Try this:

Set the new axle at the desired pinion angle in a set of stands. Do the same with the old axle.

Run a heavy string tight accross each axle from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface.

Use a plumb bob to measure the desired locations from the string proving a consistant piont to measure from.

Use a magnetic angle finder to get the proper angles.

Tack brackets, check all measurments, check again, check once more and weld.

Might consider reloction of the shock mounts to get them out of harms way.
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