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For the most part, I followed the method OOP's mentioned with good results. To elaborate; one additional thing I did (since I also welded on new rear spring hangers) is made sure that the distance from perch to perch matches the distance from each frame hangers... This allows for the springs to be perfectly perpendicular to the perches. Fairly simple, but very important. Also, if you have any doubt that your hangers are not equal distant from the end of the axle... re-measure. Take your time, and get it right.

If you take into account extra power (say from a bigger engine swap) being applied, you should also take into account axle wrap (where the rear pinion rotates up due to acceleration torque). Which is where I believe 85dhor got the 2 deg down from.

Read up here for more info if needed:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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