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I posted in the Toy forum, but I'll also post here to get some Zuki guys input.

"I've searched for a while this evening but haven't found anything aside from the 1/2T GM truck rotor/Monte Carlo caliper conversion. I need some advice.

My buddy Weedwacker has Toy axles under his Zuk, with SA Toy front rotors and Samurai calipers on his 85 Toy rear. He has the diff offset to match the Sammy t-case, with custom axle shafts and Aisin hubs at all 4 wheels. I want to do something similar but I don't want to do locking hubs. I'm trying to keep it real simple, not labor intensive and CHEAP.

Making the brackets isn't a problem, but I don't know if I'm going to have a problem with the bearing retainer and seal. Can I just seperate the retainer, and reinstall it with the axle shaft without the drum? If so then I could attach my bracket, rotor, and caliper.

What about the SA rotor I.D.? Will it clear the end of the shaft or does it need some lathe time?

Am I missing something?"


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Islandzuki said:
search through the project streetzuki by DSI and he talks about how he but disks on the rear;)

on that build up we used zuk front rotors and calipers, had to re-drill the rotor's to 6 lug, that was VERY simple :D the caliper brackets were a bit of fab time to get the alignment just right, but with the exception of the few hours labor, it was all scrap parts :D
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