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Rear dodge dana 60 spindle removal ?

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I have a messed up rear spindle on my dodge D60. How do i go about removing the spindle for replacement or machining ?
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Grind out the weld and hit it with a BFH.

I happen to have 2 that I just removed from mine. Both in good shape. Let me know if you need to buy one or both.
You'll need a "jig" to align the new spindle - do a search on here for "DIY axle narrowing" and I'm sure you'll find pics of said jig. Someone on here might be feeling generous and let you borrow or rent the alignment tool - I recommend having a professional do the welding to attach that spindle.

You can also use an abrasive wheel chop saw to remove the spindle -

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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