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So my front long arms (arguably the most important) are totally built and on, using a design similar to the RE y-arms. They're mounted on a custom subframe. On the front, I have the rear lowers made and ready to mount. In the next couple of weeks, I have to decide what to do with the uppers.

I have two options:

· Make another y-arm, that mounts off the lower, with a totally adustable upper. To do this, I´d run a rubber bushing at the long arm, and a single-shear heim at the outside of the stock axle mount (No other way to do it). I'd have to drill out the stock mount for a larger bolt this way.


· Use a Tera UCA in the stock mounting locations.

I'm somewhat ´fraid of twisting the axle tubes (Iron 44 out of an 80's XJ), so I'm not so keen on using the 'stock' upper, although it WILL be easier.

What are your thoughts?

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