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Ok, its tuesday where I'm at so I got an idea.

I've been working on a buddy of mine's '83 yota trying to get it to a rolling state. It is all stock, if you could call the pile of parts stock. He has acquired a 3" all spring lift. I'm tired of working on his shit in the dirt so I wanted to get the axles back under it to be able to get it to a shop.

Then a thought crossed my mind. Since the lift springs are stock length with stock eye bolt lengths in theory wouldn't the rears up from put the stock push-pull set-up back to factory lock-to-lock on the wheel? With the axle 1 1/2" closer to the box would it not make up for the 3" of arc in the springs?
Only reason I ask is his funds are limited and binding a tire in a spring is a pain in the ass when your too twisted to move.

Sorry its long and dumb. But its a thought...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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