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Reasonably Priced Crawler Box for LT230

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So who is interested in an adaptor to fit the Borg Warner 1339 (Jeep Quadratrack) T-case to the LT230 T-Case as a crawler box? Provided the adaptor could be made for a reasonable price this would be the cheapest way to get a strong bolt-on crawler box.

Bill Larman (who has fitted these crawler boxes to both series and LT95 t-cases) is looking to get adaptors manufactured in Australia (if there is enough interest).

I estimate (this is my guess only) that the adaptor would be $500US or less (but you need to source your own BW1339. The only downside is (I believe) the kit will have to also include an adaptor to use a series handbrake drum on the LT230 (otherwise the crawler won't fit).

For more details, and to post if you are interested, click here (start reading at the 6th post down).


I have no personal interest in this venture (other than I want a reasonably priced crawler box for the LT230 to be available).
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I would think the best way would be to get a roamerdrive and swap the planetary gearsets. All the other engineering is done. Would be a good prototype, then maybe make a deal with roamerdrive to buy select parts (case, linkages, the part that sticks into the transfer case, etc). But overall, except for the gear ratio, EVERYTHING is there. Even getting a 1.50 or 2.00 gear ratio reduction would be huge. Not like we need to go all 22re 598379482:1 crawl ratio.
^That is a great idea!
I pondered running a hydraulic pump / motor set up taking advantage of the axial flow variable displacement type motors. The sheer bulk and mass of the components, cooler, oil tank is way more complex than a simple underdrive, costly too.
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