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Reasonably Priced Crawler Box for LT230

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So who is interested in an adaptor to fit the Borg Warner 1339 (Jeep Quadratrack) T-case to the LT230 T-Case as a crawler box? Provided the adaptor could be made for a reasonable price this would be the cheapest way to get a strong bolt-on crawler box.

Bill Larman (who has fitted these crawler boxes to both series and LT95 t-cases) is looking to get adaptors manufactured in Australia (if there is enough interest).

I estimate (this is my guess only) that the adaptor would be $500US or less (but you need to source your own BW1339. The only downside is (I believe) the kit will have to also include an adaptor to use a series handbrake drum on the LT230 (otherwise the crawler won't fit).

For more details, and to post if you are interested, click here (start reading at the 6th post down).


I have no personal interest in this venture (other than I want a reasonably priced crawler box for the LT230 to be available).
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PT, where did you leave off with this? Unless you hit a roadblock that renders this mod impossible, Im going to start back up on it.

My buddy is giving me a 1339 low range unit to experiment with. I have an lt230 to throw on the bench and I own a machine shop and have contacts for edm cutting gears.

1339s seem to be pretty scarce these days, but not as scarce as the ashcroft crawl boxes, so if I can make this work, I intend to make plenty more....
I hope to start digging into this pretty soon, will definitely post when i have an update. Seems like most the old timers from this forum have either moved on or are busy with other projects.
you could also try the "heavily modified Land Rovers" page on FB
I had no idea about this group, thanks! Just joined it.

I hate that forums are dying and everything is moving to facebook. Ill keep updating this forum on progress. Havent picked up the 1339 from my buddy yet, hopefully as soon as this stupid pandemic cools off.
Bringing this one back from the dead. Been printing prototype pieces to verify design/fitment. Done a little shaft machining, more to go up next.
Looks like a series drum should fit like bill mentioned. I might not mess with it on this one, more interested in setting up a driveline disconnect for this particular build.
Adapter will be about 1/8” longer to give some more clearance on the intermediate shaft/nut. Next up is to take some proper measurements for total input shaft length, then finish machining both gears for assembly and welding.
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Its all siting on the bench waiting for me to get some more free time. We got flooded with work at the shop and i had to halt work on this project. Hoping to get back on it sometime in the next couple months.
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