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Reasonably Priced Crawler Box for LT230

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So who is interested in an adaptor to fit the Borg Warner 1339 (Jeep Quadratrack) T-case to the LT230 T-Case as a crawler box? Provided the adaptor could be made for a reasonable price this would be the cheapest way to get a strong bolt-on crawler box.

Bill Larman (who has fitted these crawler boxes to both series and LT95 t-cases) is looking to get adaptors manufactured in Australia (if there is enough interest).

I estimate (this is my guess only) that the adaptor would be $500US or less (but you need to source your own BW1339. The only downside is (I believe) the kit will have to also include an adaptor to use a series handbrake drum on the LT230 (otherwise the crawler won't fit).

For more details, and to post if you are interested, click here (start reading at the 6th post down).


I have no personal interest in this venture (other than I want a reasonably priced crawler box for the LT230 to be available).
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So it look slike the boys in OZ are not finding anyone to do the work. Anyone here friendly with BCB?? It looks like the type of thing that is up there alley.
Sorry Micheal, are you saying they have done this exact underdrive before??

If so, what type of cost.
OK, but does he know about how easy it would be to adapt a BW1339 low range set?? Someone might want to try and get the gears going. I really think this could be done for $1000 USD plus the donor case. If it can be done that cheaply, there would be a fairly large market.

The overdrives cost, what?, $2000 USD. All this needs is the input gear arrangement from that (modified to suit) and an adapter plate.
It is a helical gear, so I doubt there is an off the shelf one. There are different gears depending on specific models

Here is what an overdrive looks like for the LT230
PTSchram said:
How much torque is applied to the transfer case when the underdrive is engaged?
2.57 times what is applied with it not engaged. You would need to avoid hitting the go pedal in 1st/low/low as your axles would snap like twigs.
PTSchram said:
2: If I understand correctly, are we only using the planetary reduction unit from the quadratrac? I wonder what other US mfgrs have a physically smaller unit that will fit into Discos, etc perhaps without modifiying the floopan, nor requiring replacement of the brake drum (insert chin-scratch smilie flipoff here)
I believe this is the only t. case built this way, period.. Only choice.

PTSchram said:
From the outer limits discussion, it appears as though their biggest concern is having the adapter flange made. Curiously, this seems to me to be the easy part :D Expensive for the stock, and then, to waste most of it in the form of chips on the shop floor-maybe a casting would be a better way to go.
No, the adapter flange is simple. The hard part is making the concentric input shaft / output shaft and gear arrangement.

Personally, I wouldn't worry about the parking brake issue. This will be an indestructable box, so is really the best way to go. Series handbrakes should be cheap and easy to find.

On the reduction, various option are shown in teh Outerlimits threads.

R380 / 3.54 diff would give 102:1 reduction in 1st/low/low as an example. Take your current ratio and multiply by 2.57.
You want to see something really strange....

A guy in the UK bought a 110 and it has a complete Quadtratrac t. case on it...

Why not just get the 5:1 low range gears for the LT230?
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