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Rebuilding/reusing an ARB Locker (Dana 44)

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I have a 98 TJ with the factory rear D44. I put an ARB and 4.56 gears in it 7 or 8 years ago and it has been fine.

I plan on re-gearing it to 5.13 later this summer.

My question is: Are there any wearable parts in that ARB that should be replaced while I have it out?

I'm think there are at least two o-rings in there that need replacing. What about the carrier bearings and any ARB internal parts/seals?

Where is a good source for ARB parts.

Any help is appreciated.

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I've read in JP that the lock itself is a hard working item. It is pushed by air pressure into the side gears locking them together- they can't spin independently. When they can't spin, the diff is locked. Once you have the locker on the bench, you can spot any rounded off or gouged items and maybe replace them. I just had my d44 locker out and in. In the process, the two air seals took a beating. Quadratec is delivering two new seals this week. They sell all the parts for all lockers from the looks of things.
How many miles on the locker?
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