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I'm reagearing my D44 front axle in my 01' Ram 1500 and have a question about the pinion. When I removed the factory pinion I noticed the oil slinger (baffle) was not under the inner pinion bearing. I've previously reageared a D44 out of a 77' Ford and the oil slinger was under the inner pinion bearing. A tech at East Coast Gear Supply said I could leave it out, and just make up with the thickness with pinion depth shims, which is what I did in the 77' D44. Axle worked fine. I called East Coast today to ask about this 01' D44 and they gave me an exploded diagram of my axle and it looks like the oil slinger is the last thing that goes in before the pinion seal.

My setup kit came with what looks like two oil slingers. One is too larger to fit inside the differential housing from the driveshaft side. Is this one an optional slinger I could put under the inner pinion bearing? This is what I'm thinking about as far as pinion setup from the pumpkin side of the pinion gear to the driveshaft side.

Pinion gear --> Pinion depth shim --> Inner pinion bearing --> Crush sleve --> Outer pinion bearing --> Smaller oil slinger --> Seal --> Yoke

Any input would be appreciated about this larger oil slinger
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