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the lock downs are still available, like $26 (common to dutch door) and $30
the body hooks are $10.50 ea
the hinges are $20 each
one of the inner chain loops is available under $10

so that leaves, one loop, the chains, and the chain bolt you can't get for hardware.

the gates themselves have been selling for the last 5-7 years for $300 w/ hardware if 90%+ condition.

...but then ebay, and landcruiserparts came along and stupid buyers are falling out of the sky.

Ehsan, are you listening? Vintage Cruiser parts has also been told they should make them but are dropping the ball. Gozzard's are no longer available so that means Mallotte or Pardi (right?) for fiberglass.

the gates are better than doors, you can sit on them!

I don't care much, I have my two.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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