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Rock Crawler for Sale

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Dana 60 front end 35 spline chromally inner and outers 14 bolt rear. TBI 350, 350 turbo transmission and 203/205 doubler. 44 TSL's. Full hydraulic steering.

Can be seen at:
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What gears in the axles How much tread? What wheels beed locks?
has 4.10 gears and 90% tread on tires no bead locks 15x8 rims
may consider trades if anybody is interested
yep, thats exactly what i want.

you wouldnt happen to want the crew cab thats listed in my sig would you?
might be interested got any pics
Do you still have this buggy if so i'm intrested and I have cash.Can I get a contact number for you.
pm sent with phone numbers let me know if you dont receive them
price is $7500. price is posted with pics
Do u still have the buggy if so send me a message, I would like to see it in person .where are u located.
if nobody interested going to start taking parts off of it for new project
Cut it up

Would you be interested in selling motor, trans, transfers, axles, wheels & tires, electrical, hydraulics? Looking to drop in a yj. PM me for price and details if so.
Sale pending. If it does not sale, will get back with you on part out.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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