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Well, I posted this in the wrong area, So if mod wants to delete it in the General Chit Chat area, Please do so..

We had our third annual Rock Crawlin for Kids Fund raiser today, and What we do is we collect 5.00 or a New toy for a ride over the cars and rocks. This money goes to operation Santa Clause to help out the less fortunate so that they to can have a Merry Christmas. We had a good turn out, and we got alittle crazy late in the day, and started pulling wheelies like the Monster Trucks do , and I have to say.. It was cool. Anyway, Just wanted to share with everyone..
Big Thanks goes to the Guys at ROCK AND ROLL OFFROAD. There will be more photo's over on Rock and Roll OffRoad.com or TORC4X4.org if you want to check them out.. May be a bit later in the day..

Over 400 dollars was made to help out Operation Santa Clause.. I am proud to say that we are helping to make a difference in people lives with our 4x4's..

Oh yeah, No wheelies were done with the kids in the rigs, and seat belts or lap belts were worn by all.

Things got alittle slow, so Matt went out and flopped his rig to draw in some attention.. And it worked.. Thanks Matt.. Way to take one for the team !!
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