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Rock Crawling Comp Entry & Prize $$$

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Okay, now that we're talking about Rock Crawling as a spectator sport, what about GETTING the competitors to show up. Assuming a decent closed course (read: man made) could be set up, what would be reasonable entry fees & prize payouts for the "pro" class? I've seen some pretty hefty entry fees for ARCA & such, but decent prize money to go with it. So, how 'bout it? What would be TOO much to charge, & what would be TOO little to award?

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No suggestions? <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

Thanks, it would be for a single event, rather than a series. I was thinking along the lines of $40-50 for the "beginner" class & considerably more for the "pro" class. The "pro" class having a decent prize purse attached being the idea. As for where the $$$ would go, I would think our "Pro" class would have more prize money available than what we'd collect in entry money (possibly true for the beginners as well). At least, that would be how we'd plan it based on the number of entries we "expect".

I think Hazel is charging something like $250 or $350 & I agree that sounds like a LOT - especially given his relatively puny purse. What's ARCA charge?

Originally posted by [email protected]:
Tex here is my two bits scine i am one of the promoters for the NWRCA Event I can tell you what it costs us per competitor by the time you add in the event isurance cost of the land or permits and the porta poties trophies t-shorts banners, and all the other little things nobody thinks about the cost is some where around $150 to break even </STRONG>
Thanks Tom. Believe me, we're well aware of the costs associated, 'cept that we don't know what it would cost to set up the course. My promoter charged $10 per spectator last year & got 4,700 spectators. Said he made a 13% profit on the day. The insurance company wanted $10,000 just to cover the 20-minute monster truck exhibition. Fortunately, Bigfoot was able to get his own coverage & also was able to cover the other guy.

Us doing this as a spectator event though really helps diffray the costs. Basically, all we'll expect of the competitors is for their entry to contribute somewhat toward the prize purse - especially since the competitors themselves are responsible for bringing in many of the spectators. I know at least in mud racing, the size of our crowd is ALWAYS proportionate to the # of trucks in the competition.

I think I'm gonna recommend something like this:

$40 to enter the "beginner" class with:

$500 to win
$250 for 2nd
$125 for 3rd
$75 for 4th
Trophies for top 3 spots

$100 to enter "Pro" class with:

$1,500 to win
$750 for 2nd
$375 for 3rd
$200 for 4th
Trophies for top 3 spots

You guys think I could get some decent competition for that?

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Originally posted by SquirrelMaster:
<STRONG>You will definatly get *some* compitition but I don't know if you could get enough people to cover the prize money. </STRONG>
True, but if we could get say 20 in each class, that would be $2,800 in entry money leaving us just $975 short. And if the rock-crawl would bring in 300 people who wouldn't have come, that's another $3,000 in gate money. So, that would cover the prize purse & insurance, and possibly the excavation costs. We awarded $10,500 in prize money to the mud racers at this year's event. 'Course, only $3,500 of that was bonus money - the other $7,000 was collected in entry fees. And just the racers' families coming in at $10 a head ($5 for kids) was probably enough to cover the bonus purse WITHOUT any outside spectators <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

Originally posted by Chris Geiger:
<STRONG>Why charge anything? It ought to be free.</STRONG>
Now THAT's funny <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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