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Rock Crawling Comp Entry & Prize $$$

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Okay, now that we're talking about Rock Crawling as a spectator sport, what about GETTING the competitors to show up. Assuming a decent closed course (read: man made) could be set up, what would be reasonable entry fees & prize payouts for the "pro" class? I've seen some pretty hefty entry fees for ARCA & such, but decent prize money to go with it. So, how 'bout it? What would be TOO much to charge, & what would be TOO little to award?

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Originally posted by Chris Geiger:
<STRONG>Why charge anything? It ought to be free.</STRONG>
Is All-pro going to be a sponsor??????

come awn chris FREE?

how about this, I'll pay to play, if I do well give me my $$$ back and let me brag all I want for a couple of months <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
I think this is what CalROCKS is thinking and I for one am fine w/it

spectators can Donate $1 at the gate then pay big $$$ for goodies inside JUST LIKE THE MOVIES
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