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Rockwell Axle Question... offset...

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I have seen several builds with rockwell 2.5 axles in the front with the offset off to the drivers side. Some have had the tie rod in the front and others have had the tie rod in the rear.

My question is what are most people doing to get the offset on the drivers side.

The reason I want to know this is becuase I want to do a similar setup with my YJ that has a 231 in it.

So do they spin the axle and rotate the center section.... putting the tie rod in front of the axle... or swap kuckles left and right to get the tie rod back behind the axle after the rotated the center section...?

Or do they cut the housing and swap the ends and rotate the axle to keep the caster right and the tie rod behind the axle?

Again I searched for this all night and couldn't find anthing specific since most people are running the rockwells with a dana 300 and a passenger side output on the transfercase.
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can't do everything at once.... unless you want to buy me an atlas....
when you say move the tie rod fron or back are you talking about rotating the axle 180 degrees... or are you talking about swaping the knucles from side to side...

Or maybe I just need to pick up my rockwells and figure it out my self....
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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